The Power of the Pen

Influencing Policy and Effecting Change

There’s an old adage – ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’, cliché? Yes…but that does not negate its truth. Words have the power to cradle us when we are sad, pat us on our backs in admiration, and smile at us in encouragement but most importantly they hold us accountable, crystalize our promises and ultimately shape the world we live in.

Within the sphere of development, words written into policy effect change and provide a blueprint for just, inclusive transformative societies. In the past year our Caribbean leaders have committed to more ambitious climate targets, enhancing inclusivity, transforming digitally through whole-of-society approaches.


In the past few years our Caribbean countries have committed to more ambitious climate targets and have embraced the importance of including gender in climate action. This has allowed for the creation of National Adaptation Plans that are inclusive and responsive to the needs of the society.


As the world becomes more digital, so must the Caribbean and to guide that transformation clearly defined steps must be created. “Going digital” is easy to say, but intrinsically more difficult to implement. Hundreds of hours were poured into the Digital Transformation Plan for Dominica and these carefully curated words will guide the actions of government and civil society which will in turn transform a nation.


For a society to develop sustainably, all members of society must be included especially the most vulnerable groups. This year we supported St Lucia in the development of multi-dimensional vulnerability assessments under the Joint Programme.