A Step Up

One small step for us, a giant step for inclusivity! This year, UNDP has been working for and with the disabled communities in St Lucia, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda to ensure that the Caribbean continues to take greater steps towards a fully inclusive society.

Getting back on their feet in Saint Lucia

Dancing, gardening, and living their best lives with their new prosthesis are some of the activities that beneficiaries of the UNDP- National Council for and of Persons with Disabilities Project plan to do. UNDP partnered with the NCPD to determine the best use of funding to assist the most vulnerable in St Lucia and the decision was made to create 10 custom prostheses for 5 men and women in need. The Prosthetic and Rehabilitation Centre “literally puts people back on their feet” President, Merphilus James explained noting that three of the four US-Trained technicians are all prostheses-users.  

Accessible Aquaponics in Saint Lucia

Across the globe farmers are touting the benefits of aquaponics and now this innovative farming technique is helping to make farming in St Lucia even more accessible. Under the EnGenDER project with funding support from GAC and FCDO. The Inclusive Aquaponics project will support the construction of two (2) aquaponic units, one on the homestead of Mr. Baptiste which will transform the way in which he and other disable farmers who are members of the Desruisseaux Council of Persons with Disabilities, farm and market their produce as the introduction of the aquaponic system will support the integration of innovative farming techniques that will support the continued accessibility and inclusion of PWD in the agricultural sector.

Climate Smart Agriculture in Antigua and Barbuda

The disabled community in Antigua and Barbuda made great strides towards food security under the Climate Smart Techniques to increase Food Production and Improve Food Security for Persons Living with Disabilities in Antigua & Barbuda Project. Implemented by GEF SGP, persons received training in not only climate smart agricultural techniques but also beekeeping and hydroponics and received tools, equipment and even a greenhouse!

Inclusive Farming in Grenada

Grenada was a hive of activity with this exciting project which gave Persons living with Disabilities even greater access for enhancing their livelihoods. Focussed on Apiculture, UNDP with funding support from GAC and FCDO under the EnGenDER project, provided support to the Government of Grenada, to train 37 persons living with disabilities in the bee-rearing as well as hydroponics, and solar drying. This fully inclusive training had a dedicated sign language translator and inclusive learning kits to better support these persons in the successful completion of the training programme.