Swimming in the Digital Ocean

The journey of the work of the Accelerator Lab over the year, 2022.

First, the beach! We’ve been working with innovators and scientist to monitor the reefs and seas via underwater drone. We focused on educating colleagues, blue exploration in Speightstown in Barbados and supporting communities as we promote conservation.


Next, let’s head over to the fish market in Barbados where fisherfolk are “catching” sales via smart phone! The lab launched Blue Digital and provided the fisherfolk with smartphones to effectively use the platform which will help track catches, monitor sales and provide insights on pricing and demand.


Our Blue Economy for Green islands missions takes us inland and we focused on outreach and education. We participated in several conferences including the BTMI’s Sustainable Travel event, hosted internal innovation sessions with the team to boost the culture of innovation and agility and contributed to the Fintech Conference. We also supported our partners in gathering data for the u-Report poll.


As the lab looks to the future, they are focusing on marrying the old and new through Futures Thinking using a Blue Economy perspective!

Image: Blue Futures Jobs Mural board by Nikola Simpson & Jordanna Tennebaum